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Silk scarf, what brand, good silk scarf ten big list

What are the top ten brands of scarves, the brand name of scarves, what brand of scarves, <2017>?
1.Hermes Hermes
Began in 1837 in Paris, the production of scarves and neckties and famous, KELLY bag, /BIRKIN bag / scarves and neckties and other classic design internationally renowned, Hermes France International Group
Professional scarves series product development / production of modern enterprise, its products industry has a high reputation and visibility, GUCCI fashion (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
3. things
Founded in 1975, with silk textile / cultural and creative, modern enterprise group engaged in biotechnology / asset management / financial management industry, Hangzhou Wensli silk culture Limited by Share Ltd
4. jewel Butterfly
Domestic large-scale professional silk scarf manufacturing and trading enterprises, scarf color R & D base, scarf ten brands, Zhejiang sapphire butterfly scarf Co., Ltd.
5. Shanghai story
A unique blend of Shanghai culture, a collection of fashion / classics / Art / products, specializing in the production of fashion scarves / scarves / shawls enterprises, the Shanghai story Silk Development Co., Ltd.
6. hsop
Founded in 1949, Zhejiang famous brand, brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, set silk crafts design / production / marketing as one of the brand enterprises, Hangzhou HSDP Group Co. Ltd.
7. silk story SilkLegend
Daly group, a large domestic high-grade silk fabric production base, specializing in composite yarn and differential fiber / silk products, such as the production / sale of enterprises, Daly silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.
8. silk Kingdom SIGI
Set design / manufacture / sale of scarves and silk clothing as one of the enterprises, to fashion design is famous, well-known fashion decorative brand, Shanghai loyal scarf Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
9. Wu WOO
Design and sales of professional senior Scarf Shawl clothing enterprises, with the design sense of well-known high-end surrounding decoration brand, Shanghai Zhao Wu Clothing Technology Co. Ltd.
10. unequaled in beauty
Focus on high-end fashion scarves Wai decoration enterprises, with strong Chinese cultural elements and unique silk weaving techniques of symbol memory, HMS trading Shanghai Co. Ltd.

Scarf brand consumer guide

The spring and autumn season of the amazing scarf, modeling tool, has the advantages of convenient carrying, easy to deal with the cool weather, and pose the effect also is bang bang da. Well, what brand of silk scarf? Which brand is a silk scarf? Which areas are the most widely distributed? Where can I find a better silk scarf? What are some of the brand of scarves which won the big brand, famous brand, provincial brand and so on? In order to give the consumers market scarves to provide real and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data to support the ten major brands, scarves for your website statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.

A variety of small square scarves around the square method graphical method

1, small butterfly knot. Tip: due to the small bow with a short length of silk scarf, so the first single to have a little tight.
Small square line graphic method how to fasten the small towel should
2, small prenolepis. Tips: want to give people a distinctive impression, it is best not to fold the towel was too small to put the towel, a little wider.
Small square line graphic method how to fasten the small towel should
3, small tie knot. Tip: note that the inside side should be 1-2 cm shorter than the outside to avoid exposing and affecting the appearance.
Small square line graphic method how to fasten the small towel should
4. Corolla knot. Tips: the best selection of bright colourful lace scarf, to highlight the beauty and youth. Square folding width depending on the neck class proportion, in order to achieve the best results.
Small square line graphic method how to fasten the small towel should
5 heart knot. Tips: suitable for mild women, to match the low collar coat; not suitable for a round face of the United States, and can not match the square collar.
Small square line graphic method how to fasten the small towel should
6 roses knot. Rosettes towel material can not be too hard, too thick; suitable for slender neck crush, relatively short neck can be tied in the chest; and V neck may soften the V collar line collocation, choose bright scarves more feminine.
Small square line graphic method how to fasten the small towel should
7, goldfish knot. With a thin soft towel, towel slightly tilted angle can increase the dynamic; at the end of the scarf length should be symmetrical, symmetry will make looks simple and neat.
Small square line graphic method how to fasten the small towel should

A graphic illustration of fashion scarves

Tip: Audrey Hepburn said, “when I put on my silk scarf, I never felt like I was a woman, a beautiful woman.”. Such as necklace like gem knot dotted in the neck, a lot of “gem” full color and three-dimensional, instantaneous attract eyeball, immediately let the whole person bright.
“When I put on my silk scarf, I never felt like I was a woman, a beautiful woman,” Audrey Hepburn said.” And the law of the silk scarf became a woman’s unique philosophy. In the sunny winter, fasten a play exquisite silk scarf collocation fresh and neat coat, plus a pencil skirt and beauty shoes, so you can have a woman’s gentle and lovely girls, absolutely become the office of popular beauty.
Play one: beautiful gorgeous, hundred fold flower
The white suspenders are elegant and beautiful, but they always feel a little missing. Yes, it’s the silk scarf! A gorgeous hundred fold flower, let you distribute the whole body pure breath. What kind of silk scarf suits this kind of play? It is better to use a scarf with a strong texture and tension to ensure that the scarves and bow ties are beautiful in shape. With a scarf with a border, can highlight this system is unique to the rich level of scarf fold. Similar to the color of the dress collocation of lace, more delicate and sweet.
Long scarf method is simple and charming, fresh and natural, for lively low collar, add lady temperament.
Fashion analysis: towel folding width can be determined according to the proportion of the neck, too wide then lead the entire scarf to lose balance. With a round neck, you can wear a casual style collar more colorful interpretation. A square tie will make you look feminine. It is better to choose a larger silk scarf with a matching suit. It seems to be more harmonious, so that both ends of the scarf hang in front and increase the sag of the scarf fold. Also remember, this is less suitable for the neck, too short, or a pear shaped face.
Play two: beautiful fragrant jasmine knot
White is the most common color for urban women to work. Almost all office workers can dress like this, but how can they be better than others? Want to wear elegant taste, the neck of the amorous feelings of the small, small embellishment will be able to achieve a fresh pie in the OFFICE distribution of light jasmine.
The long scarf is a beautiful fragrant jasmine knot. You are the comely Jasmine in the office, emitting a faint fragrance.
Fashion analysis: the beautiful silk flower is formed on the side of the neck, not only makes the face color, shape is more three-dimensional sense, to achieve the effect of key points. It is better to choose a light colored silk scarf with soft texture, and the scarf will be slightly inclined to make it better

What kind of silk scarf material is good, how to choose the scarf that matches with facial dress?

Silk scarves are made of different kinds of materials, knitting methods and lines. The woven patterns are different from each other. They also look very different from each other. All of these determine the feel, texture, weight and tension of the silk scarf. In addition, different scarves have different maintenance methods. Therefore, before selecting scarves, it is best to have some knowledge of silk scarves.
Silk (silk) silk scarf
Silk scarves are glossy and full of natural wrinkles, and they look very beautiful. And full of sag, suitable for formal occasions to wear. And because the utility model is made of natural materials, the utility model can not cause static electricity, and has good heat preservation property. Although you can wash it at home, you’d better send it to the laundry. Silk scarves can easily be eaten in the collection of insects, scarves must not forget to put the insect repellent.
Cotton (cotton) scarves
Cotton scarves, breathable and sweat absorption, most suitable for wear in the spring and summer season. Cotton is often used to make long scarves with ethnic customs, which is suitable for casual dress. The dyed cotton silk will fade when washing, and be careful not to wash it with other clothes to avoid dyeing other clothes.
Wool (wool) scarves
Used for shawls and scarves. In rare cases, scarves can be used to make silk scarves. The characteristic is warmth retention is very good, often used in the dress that makes autumn and winter season. In contrast, wool scarves are easier to clean and can be cleaned at home. And maintenance is also very simple. But pay attention to cleaning methods. If the method is wrong, the scarf will shrink smaller. Wool, cashmere, rabbit hair, Angola senior alpaca fiber is very variable, so you’d better put this scarf products to the laundry cleaning.
Linen (numbness) silk scarf
In the summer season, linen scarves are the most popular. Not only feel comfortable after wearing, it looks quite refreshing. Very suitable for summer and collocation. Linen scarves are essential for long-term female users in air-conditioned settings. But linen scarves are very easy to wrinkle, so you should pay more attention to them when you wear them. If you fold it gently, it should not wrinkle.
Fiber (Chemical) silk scarf
The scarves made of polyester, acrylic and nylon are cheap and popular. This kind of chemical fiber silk scarf maintenance methods are different, when choosing to pay attention to confirm the silk scarf material. In addition, because of the special use of chemical fiber, some of these silk scarves are also very popular. For example, there are special chemical silk scarves used in sports. They sweat and do very quickly. There are sunscreen UV chemical fiber, scarves and so on. It is recommended that you choose these scarves according to different uses.
Blended (Blended) scarves
Materials made from more than two materials become blended. Usually to create a unique feel of the material, or to make dyeing easier, or to lower prices. Also, there are more than two lines woven with warp and weft respectively.

Scarf purchase and maintenance

How to choose scarves?
1. distinguish quality from cloth and color. Good fabric is the first element. Besides, the silk scarf is made by hand sewing. Printing color must be uniform.
2. choose according to your figure. For example, people with short necks should choose thinner and smaller scarves, preferably tied to the neck, or loose and low in the chest; the petite ones should avoid the cumbersome and long lines.
3. pay attention to special design. There are special scarves designed to show originality in a special way. When buying, you must pay attention to the design, must personally try to tie.
4., in line with personal style. If you are a good girl, then silk scarf will be the best choice; and transparent silk scarf suitable for romantic shape; want to try avant-garde style, with a shiny texture of silk scarf, there will be unexpected results.
How do you wash silk scarves?
1. when washing under 30 degrees of hand washing, but also take over and wash, if a few drops of vinegar and water soak that wash out soft and smooth;
2., washing should not be washed with alkaline detergent and soap, after washing, should choose ventilated place, dry and dry, to avoid damage silk feel and color;
3. wet clothes should be washed immediately;
4. don’t hang the silk scarf on the hard metal hook to prevent the silk surface from damaging;
5., do not wear, should not put camphor ball, otherwise easy to brittle.

Scarves match faces

Round face
The part of the silk scarf should be stretched as far as possible, emphasizing the longitudinal sense, avoiding the overlap of the neck, the excessive horizontal and the knot with too strong texture.
Long face
The lateral system of the left and right can show the hazy and elegant feeling of the leading part, and reduce the longer feeling of the face. Such as lily knot, necklace knot, double head knot, etc..
Inverted triangle face
Pay attention to reducing the number of times around the scarf, the sagging part of the triangle should be unfolded as naturally as possible, to avoid too tight, and pay attention to the horizontal sense of the knot.
Square face
As far as possible to wear scarf around the neck in a clean manner, and played some flowers and a strong sense of hierarchy in the chest.

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